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Mara McWilliams

What You Give

June 22, 2003

Thought about it last nite
During the drive home
Listening to the tunes,
You're right,
You're not being mean,
Somehow I twist it
So its always about me.

2, 3 years ago
that I could accept
then I barely remembered to get my body fed,
having no strength to leave my bed.
Today I'm stronger, louder and bolder
A lot more balanced,
Thank god (pharmaceutical companies)
For my meds.

Some of life's learned beahavior,
This I've learned along my travels
I see a few more habits
Need kicking to the curb.
I need to remember
You too
Need a shoulder on which to cry.
I can rub your hair,
Give you Kleenex for your eyes.

I know it seems
But I know
it isn't
you're job to take care of me,
I've learned much from you,
Have you learned anything from me?

I know its
Frust - tra - ing
For you,
For the 100th time
Having to repeat
What you just told me
My memories bad,
Things drift and fade.

For me,
When things get too hard,
Too real to deal,
I get to leave reality
While you sit bewildered
In this wondering what happened to me.

I must say
So you know
Before I close,
I love you more
than words can say.
I swear to do my best
Each and every day.

I bring all I have
To my daughter and you.
Just in case
You think I forgot,
I contract to you
To give this life of mine
All I've got.

My sweet,
A present from above
The woman you are,
My wife,
My love.

By Mara McWilliams

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